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Dome Sizes

Product specifications

Freedome 30

Freedome 50

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Freedome 500

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Freedome 500Freedomes Classics

Flooring area: 515m2

Diameter: 25m

Height: 12,5m

Standing: 980 persons

Row seating: 600 persons

Seated tables: 440 persons

Standing buffet: 510 persons

Freedome-500, Front, Branded View
Freedome-500, Front, Branded Front View
Freedome-500, Front, Transparent View
Freedome-500, Front, Transparent Front View
Freedome-500, Front, White Front View
Freedome-500, Perspective, Branded View
Freedome-500, Perspective, Branded Front View
Freedome-500, Perspective, Transparent View
Freedome-500, Perspective, Transparent Front View
Freedome-500, Perspective, White Front View
Freedome-500, Side, Branded View
Freedome-500, Side, Branded Front View
Freedome-500, Side, Transparent View
Freedome-500, Side, Transparent Front View
Freedome-500, Side, White Front View
Freedome-500, Top, Branded View
Freedome-500, Top, Branded Front View
Freedome-500, Top, Transparent View
Freedome-500, Top, Transparent Front View
Freedome-500, Top, White Front View

A brand new addition to the existing range of Freedomes products - a breathtaking space of 515 sqm enclosed under a single geodesic dome. The Freedome 500 is an ideal solution for the most ambitious and exclusive projects. Thanks to its size, a trip inside this event dome is like a journey to another world.

Event domes this size are also suited best for a launch of a brand new car or an exclusive fashion show as well as for transforming it into a concert venue. With an 14-meter high ceiling, this dome tent definitely stands out from the crowd.

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