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Dome Sizes

Product specifications

Freedome 30

Freedome 50

Freedome 75

Freedome 110

Freedome 150

Freedome 300

Freedome 500

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Freedome 150Freedomes Classics

Flooring area: 154m2

Diameter: 14m

Height: 7.85m

Standing: 230 persons

Row seating: 148 persons

Seated tables: 112 persons

Standing buffet: 125 persons

Freedome-150, Front, Branded View
Freedome-150, Front, Branded Front View
Freedome-150, Front, Transparent View
Freedome-150, Front, Transparent Front View
Freedome-150, Front, White Front View
Freedome-150, Perspective, Branded View
Freedome-150, Perspective, Branded Front View
Freedome-150, Perspective, Transparent View
Freedome-150, Perspective, Transparent Front View
Freedome-150, Perspective, White Front View
Freedome-150, Side, Branded View
Freedome-150, Side, Branded Front View
Freedome-150, Side, Transparent View
Freedome-150, Side, Transparent Front View
Freedome-150, Side, White Front View
Freedome-150, Top, Branded View
Freedome-150, Top, Branded Front View
Freedome-150, Top, Transparent View
Freedome-150, Top, Transparent Front View
Freedome-150, Top, White Front View

The Freedome 150 event dome offers 154m2 of flooring area, which can be arranged according to your needs and transformed into a bar, cafe or a restaurant - i.e. summer garden for a restaurant, a club with a bar on a beach or simply a beer baron a music festival.

The durable, robust and reliable framework allows for the suspension of additional equipment such as lighting or sound systems. When combined with different Freedomes structures the possibilities of arranging the event are simply endless.  

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