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Complete solutions. Including the dome, projection liner, trusses, audiovisual equipment, setup and content tailored to your event.


Choose from wide selection of available sizes. Additionally, you can customise the exterior of your dome with your own branding.

Available Globally

We are event industry veterans, taking part in experiential marketing endeavours for brands around the world.

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Our dedicated team members will guide you through the entire process of choosing the dome most suitable to your needs, build process and content creation.

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Full Projection Dome

Are you tired of the traditional events, boring product launches, school presentations and sleepy conferences? 360° projection structures by Freedomes are designed to erase the word "boring" from the dictionary. Brace yourself...

Be amazed

Get ready for a new experience...

Sit back and get ready. Join the immersive environment where our specially designed dome screen and surround sound system create a captivating 360° high definition experience for your guests.

State of the art event tool

Technology Behind Captivating Events...

The dome comes fully loaded with the entire theatre system, including projection liner with the negative pressure pump system, projectors, surround sound system with subwoofer and media server. Additionally the structure is equipped with the unique Premium Floor system by Freedomes that allows you to install the dome in basically any location.

Imagine the impossible

Create Your Own Reality...

Our talented design team will help you with the creation of your own unique world. Imagine the impossible and we will do it. Care for interactivity? Our programmers have tricks up their sleeve that won't only allow you to experience the world you created, but interact with it.

Experience and credibility

Name you can trust...

One of the core value that we live by and a large part of our success, is the total involvement of the Freedomes Team. We focus on the highest quality of service, from the first contact with the client, setting the objectives, planning, management, and successful carrying out of the project.

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